Yeh Tea - Organic Herbal Tea Cape Gold Rooibos/Lemon/Lime

Yeh Tea

Cape Gold is a caffeine-free rooibos, lemon and lime organic herbal tea from Yeh Tea. This African Organic herbal tea infusion is a refreshing blend of rooibos with tantalizing notes of lemon and lime. Whether hot or iced, this herbal tea will leave you with an extremely pleasant taste and refreshing mood. 

Yeh Tea Flavour Intensity Scale Heavenly Piece: 1
0-1: Herbal and Caffeine Free
2-4: Easy Drink
5-6: Tea Lovers and Foodies
7-8: Step To Professional
9-10: Tea Masters

Ingredients: Rooibos tea*, ginger bits*, natural citrus-flavouring with other natural flavourings, lemon peels* (4%), lemongrass*.
*from organic cultivation.

Content: 20 grams

Preparation Instructions:
Use 1 teaspoon (2.5 grams) for a 300ml cup and 2 teaspoons (5 grams) for a 600ml pot. Add water at 90 Degrees Ceslsius and steep for 3-4 minutes.

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