Teatox - Daily Balance Bio Tea Lemongrass


The Daily Balance Bio Herbal Tea with lemongrass from TEATOX is fruity and aromatic thanks to the delicate verbena, honeybush, ginger and lemon myrtle leaves. This caffeine free tea is intended for those special moments of relaxation.
 TEATOX selected the ingredients to give the verbena tea a pleasant, refreshing taste, providing a relaxing effect without making you drowsy. TEATOX deliberately didn't add caffeine to the ingredients to make the Daily Balance tea enjoyable at any time of the day. It is the perfect way to switch off after yoga or meditation.

Since TEATOX is convinced human well-being arises from the harmony of body, mind and soul, they attach great importance to spiritual well-being. Which is why they developed a Balance Guide which includes a number of concepts applied in the fields of yoga, meditation and general wellness. You can download it free.

Ingredients: Verbena, Honeybush, Ginger, Lemon Grass, lemon-scented tea tree. All ingredients are from certified organic farming.

Content: 50 grams

Preparation Instructions:
Use 1 teaspoon (2.5 grams) for a 250ml cup. Add water at 90 Degrees Celsius and steep for 3-5 minutes. Enjoy!

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