Plantule - Eye Pillow Dark Blue/Fuchsia


Natural eye pillow filled with organic flax seeds and a dash of organic lavender from Plantule. The pillow is made of raw linen and Oeko-Tex® certified natural cotton. It has a removable, washable cover. The Plantule eye pillow is dark blue with a fuchsia pink piping and label.
The Plantule pillow does not only have great relaxing and relieving properties but is also looks fantastic at home or at the yoga studio.

The pillow is particularly suitable to put on your eyes and forehead during yoga meditation. It enables relaxation of tension around the eyes and forehead. It is also very helpful in relieving headaches, eye strain caused by the computer vision syndrome. This multifonctional eye pillow can be chilled in the fridge and applied on the eyes as a cooling compress.

Another possible use of the pillow is when put under forearms or a wrist as it helps in relieving tension when using a computer. It is therefore perfect for people working long hours on a computer.

Size: 10x25cm
Colour: dark blue with fuchsia pink piping and label
Material inner pillow: 100% cotton
Material pillowcase: linen & cotton
Material filling: flax seed & a dash of lavender
weight: around 300 grams

Care instructions: both the pillowcase and the pillow itself can be washed after removing flax seeds from its inside. 

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