Plantule - Meditation Pillow Fuchsia/Turquoise


Organic buckwheat hull cushion in fuchsia colour with turquoise piping. This natural pillow creates a perfect support when sitting or meditating. The cushion is filled with organic certified buckwheat hulls. Its removable cover is made of top quality linen and cotton. The cushion itself has a zip to add or remove filling so that you can adjust its thickness to what is fine for you. So just sit down, relax and enjoy!
Why should I choose a meditation pillow from Plantule?
  • It allows a perfect sit position for relaxation and meditation
  • It is helpful in relieving back and neck pains
  • It does not warm up and regulates a process of sweating
  • It maintains a low level of humidity
  • The shape of the hulls ensures a good air circulation
  • It adapts to the shape of the body
  • It has anti-allergic properties and inhibits the growth of bacteria and mites
  • It looks fantastic
size: 12 x 32cm
Colour: fuchsia pink with turquoise piping
Material inner pillow: cotton
Material pillowcase: linen and cotton
Filling inside: organic certified buckwheat hulls
Weight: around 1kg

Care instructions: Plantule buckwheat zafu cushion requires the same care as traditional pillows. Its pillowcase and a cushion itself can be washed after removing hulls from its inside. The hulls should not be washed. In order to maintain the best healing properties of the pillow, it is recommended to replace its hulls every two years.

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