Catching Dreams - Dreamcatcher Medium White

Catching Dreams

The dreamcatcher medium White from Catching Dreams is made of natural materials such as suede and feathers. The small dreamcatcher is 20cm wide and about 43cm long (with the hanging loop count another 36cm). Place in your window and enjoy a great night's rest!

This handmade dreamcatcher from Catching Dreams is made by Mirjam de Ruiter in her own studio in Amsterdam. She learned this specific art when living in Canada in 2010 as she was fascinated by the powwow and life long traditions of the natives. Nowadays she makes unique dreamcatchers, following her own inspiration and experiences, transforming these into ideas and products.

The dreamcatchers are all one-of-a-kind as Mirjam is using extraordinary materials which she finds on the beach, in the woods or through specialised boutiques. 

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