A Little Piece of Happiness started from a passion for a conscious & holistic lifestyle. 
We bring together all these things that put a smile on to your face. 
We love life and we love our planet and therefore we believe that we can do something good for ourselves, while being good for our surroundings as well. 

Enjoy, unwind and relax in this moment and let's spread a little piece of happiness!

We only work with individuals and companies that we respect and admire. Passion and respect are at the heart of A Little Piece of Happiness.
Each product is personally and very carefully selected to make sure that the passion which is behind each product is passed on. 

On our small human scale, we hope to make a difference together.
We would like to believe that good can come out of consumption if we do it sustainably and with respect for individuals and the environment.

It all started a while ago with the idea or almost the urge of having an own business. Something you really stand for, something with a meaning beyond earning a salary every month and growing profit for the company you work for. We immediately agreed that doing something meaningful was very important to us. As we are both passionate about beautifully made products which take their origins in nature, we decided to start a yoga, beauty and lifestyle online shop.



Céline Wisse-Antoine & Isis du Jour
(Founders of A Little Piece of Happiness)