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Ashtanga Yoga is a style of yoga popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois in the 20th century and is considered a modern-day variation of a classical Indian yoga, widely accepted in the West. The name Ashtanga denotes eight limbs or branches, which were mentioned in Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

The Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Workbook is designed to introduce you to Ashtanga. We were all beginners at something. Every master started out from the same place of beginnings, but now you have a tool to help you with the process. It makes no difference whether you are a teacher or a student, working in a group or alone, using it during teacher trainings, workshops or self-study. Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Workbook will not interfere with the instructions of your teacher as it has no explanations, just the hand sketched drawings, the name of the asana, and a lot of free space to take detailed notes while learning.

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Product description:

  • made from unbleached recycled paper
  • A5 format with soft covers
  • can be rolled up in a mat
  • it is designed to be elegant, clean and fluid as to emulate the yoga practice itself
  • left pages contain artistically hand sketched drawings of 69 Ashtanga Primary Series asanas
  • right pages are left blank so you may write down the notes
  • as we consider yoga to be the universal language of body, mind and spirit they are linguistically neutral and there are no explanations of the postures in the workbook
  • its goal is to allow more time to be focused on the process of learning itself since the drawings are already laid out

Note: the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Workbook’s drawings are based upon the photos from David Swenson’s Practice manual.

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