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We are proud to bring you a selection of organic and natural teas as we truly believe in sustainable farming and healthy living.

Unlike most teas on the market which are blended or sprayed with so called “natural” or artificial flavourings or fragrances, the organic teas we have selected contain only real natural ingredients. This means that the truly flavour of the tea is not masked by manufactured perfumey after-taste.

We have selected a range of amazing black tea, green tea, white tea and herbal tea blends. Take a look and enjoy!


At A Little Piece of Happiness, we trust in the health benefits of natural ingredients and share the belief that human well-being comes from the harmony of body, mind, and soul. This is why we have added Detox Tea blends to our organic tea selection. There is obviously more to detoxing than just drinking herbal tea, but it’s a great way to start, and definitely a beneficial addition to the detox process.

Herbal teas are a fantastic way to increase your water intake, while benefiting from their medicinal properties. Each tea has different benefits depending on the nature of the herb being used.


We have fallen in love with organic raw chocolate and the reason is very simple. Besides the fantastic pure taste of organic raw chocolate, it is actually a very healthy comfort food.

Raw chocolate is different than the regular chocolate production process. The raw cacao beans are not roasted but cold ground. It means that the taste and the beneficial qualities of cacao such as antioxidants remain intact.


You can order safely your favourite organic tea, detox tea and organic raw chocolates online at A Little Piece of Happiness. We deliver in 12 countries in Europe within 1-5 days depending on your location. Delivery in the Netherlands is free of charge for all orders from €50 and above. If for some reason the item you have bought does not suit your needs, you have 30 days to return it to us.

Take a look at our organic food collections:  Organic tea | Organic raw chocolates.