Whatever you do during the course of your day, Ghongha wants you to stay hydrated and happy. Whether it’s yoga you’re into, perhaps an early morning power walk or that daily visit to the gym, you need to drink lots of water or whatever your choice of hydrating drink happens to be. Ghongha lets you do just that without adding to the growing pile of plastic bottles. Plastic bottles which have probably been used only once or twice. Sometimes the things that happen in the world are beyond our control but this is something we can all do 
to really make a difference and drastically reduce the amount of waste plastic that pollutes our earth.

Keep hydrated. Keep healthy and keep the planet healthy too – with the Ghongha bottle.













Ghongha was founded in 2015 by Anna Palmkvist, a passionate yogini based in London UK. Anna believes that being properly hydrated throughout the day is an essential part of looking and feeling good. She soon became uncomfortable about drinking, as many of us do, from a non-environmentally friendly plastic bottle. She decided “enough is enough” when it comes to polluting the planet with unwanted plastic bottles.

With this in mind, Anna set about creating a solution to the problem of finding a bottle to drink from that would neither harm her or the environment. The Ghongha bottle was created - made from sustainable materials and which can be used over and over again.


Ghongha bottles are completely free from toxic BPA (Bisphenol A plastic) materials. Even the lid! BPA is a chemical that is often found in plastic bottles and has been linked to many ailments such as increased risk for cancer, obesity and diabetes. If you have a plastic bottle it will take 1000 years to decompose and will affect our planet badly and also your health. Superbad!

The Ghongha bottle is different, it‘s made from hand blown strong heat resistant borosilicate glass (-20 - +200 Celsius) which makes our bottles dishwasher, freezer and microwave proof. Ghongha bottles are fitted with a soft silicone sleeve and lid. The silicone sleeve which is of course non toxic, makes the bottle easier to grip. All materials used in making a Ghongha bottle is reusable, LFGB certified and recyclable.

We at Ghongha find drinking from our glass bottle makes the water taste so much better then when drinking from a plastic or metallic bottle. Plus our unique design with the drop cut out makes it possible to always see the content of your bottle. Which is great!


Ghongha is the Hindi word for snail—and also Ghongha founder Anna Palmkvist's nickname. Growing up in Sweden, she followed the adventures of the character’s Bear and Snail in a popular children’s TV show. Since then, her closest friends and family have nicknamed her Snigel, which is the Swedish translation of her favorite character Snail. Combined with an interest in Indian culture, she discovered that the Hindi script for snail (घोंघा) reminded her of butterflies.

It was at this moment that she decided Ghongha (snail) would be the name of her future company—and the snail that reminded her of butterflies also came to represent the importance of caring for the environment while remaining grounded no matter what the situation. 


Every year we throw away enough plastic to circle the earth not once – but four times over! Plastic takes a long time to decompose, over a thousand years in fact, so it’s vitally important to reduce the number of plastic bottles that are used only once and then discarded.

You may think that recycling is the answer to the problem but unfortunately only one plastic bottle out of every six that are bought, actually get to be recycled and used again. The rest, well they go to landfill and many end up polluting our oceans – in fact around ninety percent of all the waste materials floating on the surface of our oceans is waste plastic with an estimated forty six thousand pieces of waste plastic to a square mile of ocean. Its not to late to make a change - help us decrease waste and plastic pollution by using the Ghongha bottle instead of plastic bottles.

By using the 100% BPA free and reusable Ghongha bottles you will contribute to the process of reducing toxic plastic pollution. Say NO to plastic waste that finds itself into the oceans, beaches, gardens and countrysides around the globe.

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