Your body is a precious gift from Mother Nature and you should treat it with love and respect. We really enjoyed selecting those beauty & wellness products, all made with a conscious effort to use natural and fair ingredients. Not only your skin will shine, but your inner beauty will sparkle as well!













Whether you're looking for organic day cream or or a chemical-free body lotion, there are plenty of choices that do as much good for your face and body as the Earth. We have selected our favourites for you. When selecting brands we do always check the ingredients used, the sustainability and the humanitarian credentials. At a Little Piece of Happiness you can find natural body wash, natural body lotion, natural oil and scrub from the danish brand Meraki as well as organic day and night cream from The Ohm Collection.


Natural powder deodorants are a good alternative for people who no longer want to use deodorants containing synthetic ingredients or chemicals like parabens and aluminium.  Whether being for health risk reasons or because these chemicals are destructive and polluting the environment. Natural deodorants protect your lymph nodes as they do not stop the natural perspiration process. Natural powder deodorant also does not stain on your clothes. It is  also vegan and not tested on animals. If you want to go natural, check out our range of natural deodorants.


The handmade soaps we have carefully chosen are from 100% natural ingredients and therefore contain no ingredients from the petro-chemical industry, no preservatives, foam treatment agents, stabilizers and additives which are usually the causes of skin irritations. All natural soaps in our shop contain at least 50% olive oil. In addition to the olive oil, various skin care oils are used for softening and rich foaming. The scent and colour of the soap is vegetable and pure, when possible organic. Essential oils provide a subtle scent and each ingredient will add to the beneficial character of the natural soap.


Our selection of wellness and fitness towels is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. With the wrap functionality, the wellness towels are perfect for a day at the spa. The Towel to go is a compact towel which is very absorbent and therefore perfect for yoga, pilates or any other fitness activity.


You can order safely your favourite organic skin care, natural deodorant or organic wellness towel online at A Little Piece of Happiness. We deliver in 12 countries in Europe within 1-5 days depending on your location. Delivery in the Netherlands is free of charge for all orders from €50 and above. If for some reason the item you have bought does not suit your needs, you have 30 days to return it to us.

Take a look at our conscious Beauty & Wellness collections: Natural & Organic skincare | Natural powder deodorants | Natural soaps | Organic wellness towels.