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We all know about the power of the mind and how our thoughts shape our world inside and outside.
But still it is seems such a challenge for most of us, to keep our thoughts and mind free from any form of negativity, free from worries and free from judgements, towards ourselves and towards others.
Your thoughts can create a world of their own and they are like a song being played on repeat, over and over again. And without realizing why, you can all of a sudden feel overwhelmed by a restless feeling, stressed or even a bit down or depressed.
So yes, this is what we call the power of the mind.

But as much as it can influence us in a negative way, let's focus on the positive side of it and how to enhance this and use our mind to create a happy and uplifting surrounding. It all starts with becoming aware of your thoughts and thinking pattern.
As easy as it sounds, it is still the most tricky part as we are often stuck in our ways when it comes to out thoughts.
Let's give an example here that surely everyone has experienced before.
You are lying in bed and start overthinking your previous day or the day still to come. What should be fine, but all of a sudden
you find your self worrying, doubting yourself, thinking 'should I've done this' or  'should I have said that instead'. 

Your feeling of being relaxed, lying in your bed and ready to close your eyes and go to sleep, has changed into an anxious feeling,
a feeling of being nervous to even insecure. 

And the fact is, nothing in what has happened has actually changed, but only your thoughts about it changed and made you feel this way.
See, that's where the mind takes over.
There are a few things that might help you, if you find yourself in a state of mind like this.

Step 1: Become aware of your thoughts. Analyse your thoughts. What is it that you are afraid of? What is it exactly that makes you stressed? Is it a situation or something someone said?
Step 2: Do you have any control over the situation that you are worried about?
In most cases the answer is NO, which means that it is completely out of your hands, out of your control. The only thing you have control over are your thoughts. 
Step 3: Become aware of the fact that YOU can control your thoughts. This often gives a very powerful feeling. In stead of becoming the victim of a situation, you feel that you are the one who is in charge.
Step 4: Try to think over the same situation again, but now focus on the power of your own thoughts and feel that there is a distance between you and what has happened.
There is a difference between you and you thoughts. 
This is a very special thing to become aware of as it can be a real eye opener once you realise that YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOUR THINKING.

I know this all sounds very simple as 'just' a step-by-step plan you just have to follow to be successful, while you know how hard it can be. But trust me, it is really a matter of trying, practicing and be confident it will help you when you need it most.

What I find very helpful myself is to focus on positive thoughts and affirmations and you know what? Music can play a very important role here. 
After listening to music with a positive message I often find myself repeating the words from the song or mantra. And the more you repeat those words, the more they start to resonate within you and become a part of you. Even if it is just a little spark of something you can't quite put your finger on in the beginning, it just helps you to spin off in the right direction, instead of being caught up in thoughts that keep you stuck where you are.

Tip: Listen to this beautiful song by David Lurey
I am the light of my soul. I am beautiful. I am bountiful. I am bliss. I am. I am.

Isis du Jour
Isis du Jour


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